Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pekin's Big Government at work

Pekin likes to trick its Citizens
While they are tearing down buildings, while they are tearing down historic landmarks, while they are making parking lots, They are also making room for more government buildings. 
Yes, that is what Pekin needs, more government. 
While Businesses are moving out, Pekin government is still giving tax breaks to the one or two businesses willing to spend their tax breaked two years here.
Pekin doesn't have an insentive to do this really, because more businesses move out of Pekin than move into it.
They spent huge bucks making a commercial about how great Pekin is and East Peoria said, "We are Growing". 
East Peoria kicked your ass Pekin.
The biggest problem I have is that Pekin destroyed all these buildings and Shops continue to close which signifies that Pekin doesn't make any money, and now they are gonna set it all up with Government buildings.

Our Elected Officials

Should Our Officials talk about Train Safety while being stupid enough to almost get ran over by a Train?

Monday, April 21, 2014

TV humbuggery

Netflix raising price
It was reported by TIME that Netflix is going to raise its price. The story is sketchy, as in WHY... It almost looks like it is doing to well and wants more money to compete with the cable giants.

Friday, April 11, 2014


GOP congressman believes Poor kids should Work for Free Lunch.

I would rather put an end to Corporate Welfare before we let our Women and Children starve.
Republicans want to stifle food stamps, but...
Many food stamp collectors are Military families.

Welfare Whores
Yacht couple have been using the system just like corporations do. And they got caught. They use it just like corporations do...

Friday, April 04, 2014


Greedy Ass Politicians
Representative Jim Moran of Virginia says that members of Congress do not make enough. They make $174,000 a year! And while they oversee the biggest economy in the world they are currently failing all middle class entities everywhere at all times.While you see the biggest economy the middle class shrinks and those that buy groceries used to feed a family of 4 on $300, but now it is $600.While our politicians have to vote against there raise they always vote against a living wage for the working folk.
1.You most likely are a business man in a politicians suit.
You also only got elected because of you wealth. So, you obviously are already a rich fuctard..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Environment

And so this 313 mpg Volkswagen is banned in the US...why?
Why would we ban innovation? 313 mpg!!!!!? Conspiracy? Oil companies owning our government? Safety? If you look at a study of the safest value family cars only one is from an American company.//editorial.autos.msn.com/10-best-values-in-family-cars-2014-
Our country is also trying to kill Tesla. So that Oil companies can continue to murder our country. Innovation is dead in America and I cannot understand why our government wants is that way.

Why should we let them keep killing our Environment?
BP keeps spilling.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sports and Stupidity

NFL to become National Flag League
Former football players and NFL reach $765 million settlement because they forgot what career they were in. I guess if your league makes that much $ no judge is gonna give a shit where your money goes. Junior Seau kills himself so his family gets some money from his employers. I guess getting paid that much money isn't enough compensation. You play football girls, you are not in the armed forces.
Also, this story states that this settlement allows the NFL to say that it's sport doesn't cause concussions. Um, no, a settlement tells all rational people that this is exactly what you are admitting.

Pam Oliver got a concussion too reporting on the sideline. Did she get a chunk of cash...No.

College Athletes Getting Paid

AJ McCarron says that college athletes should be paid
However they are getting paid in a way. Their college is free, and tuition aint cheap. He is right in that college sports do bring in a lot of money for the colleges and that should be corrected. Maybe all the students can get free rides.
But also note, that AJ is from an Oil Tycoon family and that he is marrying a beauty queen.
Here is a picture of the rough life AJ is living through...
foxsport/he-put-a-ring-on-it-aj-mccarron-katherine-webb-engaged-032814 UNC had fake classes for it's Athletes
What a surprise.

UConn guard goes to bed starving...so do people that pay for their WHOLE scholarship...